About Us

What is Tantdile

Tantdile is an online literary platform created by Eclipse
community for the purpose of enshrining provocative art. The Eclipse community
is a literary community aimed at enshrining the creative arts for the purpose
of providing new forms and perspective through its activities on how we
perceive the individual and society.

Why does Tantdile exist?

Tantdile apparently is not in any dictionary existing in the
world and this is a reaction to create something from where nothing exists.
Excellent and profound creative works exist in 
the African society, but mostly the emerging creative artist are often
not accord space in most platforms, it is to this end that Tantdile has been
formed to mainly provide the creative art of emerging and occasionally profound

Thought provocative art has found it sit in the rear in
most online platforms for reason unclear. To reconstruct this, Tantdile exists
to provide a new perspective which might be opposing to existing dogma and credo
as such new narratives are essential to the development of the individual and
the human society.

We hope to provide constant material that will provide our
visitors with materials that edge on the development of the individual and
human society.