About Us

Tantdile Experimental Lab (TEL)

Tantdile is an experimental space for creatives in all fields related and nonrelated to arts. We have chosen the society as our specimens, of which individuals are the main interest of our research.

Tantdile apparently is a word that failed to exist in any dictionary of the word and it is in the light of our aim to create something where nothing yet exists.

Tantdile is a successor of the Eclipse Community which was formed by Richard Kayode O in 2014. The community was active in Ibadan, Nigeria though it has co-founders in Kenya and Uganda.

Tantdile was formed by Richard Kayode O and Amaka Marissa O. with the intent of creating experimental and participatory artworks ranging from theater to photography, media installation, and Interactive literature.

While exploring the universality of the individuality of humans in a society, Tantdile through Zero Grove, it performing art group host events to raise discussion on societal issues. We are interested in experimental and non-conformist works which enable the reassessment of the classical and contemporary human life.

In our lab, we are always open to collaborative engagements between artists and people in various fields.