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What is Tantdile?

Tantdile is a digital artist collective based in Ibadan, Nigeria. We engage in developing social and political projects which are artistically based, with a focus on integrating the public in interactive and participatory sessions.

The collective is a growing haven of young experimental artists who aim to collaboratively develop individual and collective work from conception to realization.

What do we do?

We are a collective whose membership spans different art forms from performance to new media. Hence, we are an interdisciplinary collective, functioning and curating art sessions aimed at exposing the contemporary existential state of humans and the underlying effect of life forms and policies. 

Through immersive works, performances, workshops & pop- up art sessions; we create works which with time integrate the public regardless of their differences.


Beyond individualism, the growth of artists can be aided by a collective of people with relatively similar and constructive evaluations. It is with this desire to have a space where ideas, opinions and perspectives can be engaged through different lenses to help the artist grow; that we become one which is not only individually constructed but also formulated by interactions with others; thus resulting in a wider worldview and perspectives of each artist. 

The public beyond being an audience, we believe could be further empowered to be participants and even more collaborators in art projects. The realization of this shifting possibility is integral to the forms and patterns through which we create.