Location: Ogunpa Market

Type: Performance art

Artist: James Notin, Amaka Obi, Ayankunle Moses, Olufela Omokeko

As part of the outline project for the Within the Trees project, this performance was enacted in a market space, which installation to endear the people in conversation about waste, pollution and negotiation about our interaction with waste and pollution creation and maintenance in regards to it hazardous effect for all life on the planet.

Dugbedugbe is a performance art session that enacts the attitudes of several individuals and groups about environmental and climate change. Projecting, through a performative space, the dailies that have become attributed constant degradation of the environment and all organisms this installation session mirrors society.

Dugbedugbe explores the present and impending future of human society concerning pollution and climate change and in the same stretch pronounces the possibilities in the present, borrowing heavily from the Yoruba Egungun, Drums to create a locally accessible piece.

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