Eclipse Slam is a 2 days poetry event featuring a movie screening in collaboration with the Thursday Film Screening of the documentary  “ Searching for Sugarman by  Malik Bendjelloul” and a poetry slam. The session is an attempt to invite artists within the university of Ibadan to publicly share their works. While using a competitive template the session was more experimental as it was aimed at making spoken poetry and literature more accessible to the people in the campus community and also providing artists with a chance to share their works, and also develop their skills in sharing, reading and performing their works to the public.

The session which had over 5 performers was also attended by poets and academia, such as Yusuf Uthman, Jakob Mache, Hanna Schlingmann, Umkoro Isaac and Olaleye Doyin Sunshine.

This session was designed to be a yearly event spun to become Up in the Clouds a community art session.

This session was supported by the Goethe Institut Lagos. 

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