Type: Workshop

Location: Arnheim Jericho

Duration: 2 Days

Facilitator: Vetum Galadima, Curl-fit

Our Sustainable Fashion Practices Workshop is customized majorly for the awareness of people who actively engage in fashion as the subject we interact with in our daily course. Sustainability is a topic that many will not avoid as it is the concern of a changing climate and the fashion industry clothing is an integral reason for the decay of our environment. Delving deeper to relate with the locales in our region is to explore what sustainability has always meant to us, especially as a third-world country where waste colonialism is having its most effective means.

The workshop sessions include discussions on the impact of fast fashion and the way it is consumed by third-world countries at the expense of the global fashion industry. There would be extracts from fast fashion documentaries derived from YouTube; activities on the use of tie & dye method, batik, paper mache for household use, upcycled fashion, use of beads on thrift wear, a live tutorial from a fashion expert and the final activity a fashion exhibition where each participant has to create an upcycled fashion piece choosing elements from the activities.

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