Location: Osogbo, Osun Nigeria

Type: Workshop/Masterclasses

Duration: 3 Days

In tandem with our ongoing and outline project, Within the Trees, we hereby wish to inform and request qualified artists to apply for a 3days workshop in Osogbo.

We at Tantdile Xperimenta Lab, hereby invite poets, songwriters, and Writers to a 3-day explorative workshop session focusing on the influence of the environment on the artist and their creation. For this session, we are hoping that through relocation to less urbanised areas, participants can be chanced with the opportunity to settle with the calm and serene atmosphere of Osogbo and through this reflect on how art can be used as a tool to protest human actions endangering the planet.

Focusing on Poetry and Music, we are hoping our Facilitators, Ayodele Olofintuade, Sir Bastien, Nanyil Darko, James Notin, and Ayankunle Moses will drive us further closer to rethinking and reassessing our opinion about art and the art process.

For the duration of this workshop, Tantdile will cover all the financial costs (feeding, accommodation, transport) for the duration of the workshop.

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