Tug of being is a collaborative performance focusing on the part as an integral factor in the universal story of our societies. In a world that already fabricated the social relationship between individuals, it is less alarming to observe that the void between parts has made the imagination of a whole hard to harness for many. The fore stated relegates care and communal relationship to rare happenings in the modern world. The focus of this project is to collaboratively explore how intersections of lines/parts can be the options for a safer and balanced world.

The collaboration of tissues, veins, muscles, atoms and fluids is what makes up a human. Projecting into plants and other life forms, it is a fact that it is the balance or Zusammenarbeit of the parts that make the life form as seen a whole. This brief imagination across life forms is the basis of this project. This performance projects that through movement in a connected chain, participants can envision a world in which coexistence and care are the cultures that lead to utopia.

While designed as a performance, this project is a research session in which the artist hopes to study how strangers from different walks can meet and through curated attitudes/actions that project care, trust and support, they build a bridge across differences.

While Tug of being literally might suggest the challenges of being, it is instead a solution-oriented project.  It is designed to see how humans, when the competition has been eradicated from most if not all things can coexist with no regard for the difference. The idea is not that we become blind to differences but that we acknowledge each part of the universal as unique and essential that should not be coerced by other parts of the universal or the system and structure set by the universal.

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