Type: Annual community art session

We can turn the most dogmatic space into an artist’s studio. The eyes that have seen shall not sleep. The eyes that have not must not blink… The masquerades are coming out again… and we are living our lives for communal consciousness and positive social engagement. We are demolishing the stage and calling it a field.

If you are close by, we are inviting you to our community art session, UP in the Clouds, happening on the 14 of February. For this session, we are hoping to engage the university community and public creative sessions.

Our goal for curating this session is influenced by our wanting to create a creative community or more to say, an active and commercial-free space for creating, sharing and discussing art. This project is an annual project which might appear with different name tags for each edition. As this event is a spin-off and remodelling of Eclipse Slam, we are creating this space to ensure more public-oriented performance and art.

We are providing blank Canvases, paints, and brushes; and there will be performances later in the evening. This median session is curated by Amaka Obi, Tega Ethan and James Notin and is made possible with the support of the Institute of French Research in Africa (IFRA-Ibadan)

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