Performance Details

Title: We almost Remembered

Artist: James Notin, Collaborators -Olowu Busayo, Ayankunle Moses and Inioluwa Ojo

Format: Performing Art


We almost remembered” is a conceptual performance focusing on the intersections of democracy. Based on the contemporary Nigerian political climate, the performances through contemporary dance and performance mirror the roles taken by each member of the state in different capacities.

As a solution and discussion-oriented piece, this performance is a model to expose and propose a possible resolution to the imagined problems facing the proletariat. However, this piece is more focused on raising conversations between individuals and groups and also within the self.

The acoustic element of the performance is designed to soothe the attention of the audience during the performance.
Percussion instruments and Violin are the choice acoustic element of the performance. We aim to engage our audience beyond the visual sense.

The performance is a project of James Notin in collaboration with Olowu Busayo, Ayankunle Moses and Inioluwa Ojo.

The performance was enacted on the 11th of December 2020, at the New Culture Studio Oremeji Mokola Ibadan.

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