Following our inclusion in the Prince Claus Funds list of grantees in her 2020 Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change, we hereby share with everyone an outline and brief of our project outline.

Within the Trees is designed as mobile art sessions aimed at discussing the effect of socio-political and socio-environmental actions of individuals and groups on climate and the changes which occur over time. We aim to educate communities through performances, discussions, and representations of our surroundings through installation art exhibitions, and climate and environment-oriented projects.

The project is estimated to run for four months with six major events. This consists of exhibitions (installation art & photography and virtual presentation), two workshops (poetry X music and sustainable fashion practices), a digital live event on Facebook/ YouTube and an online course which would be accessible to all.


  • Performance/ Installation piece: Dugbedugbe
  • Poetry X Music
  • Digital Exhibition
  • Sustainable Fashion Practise Workshop
  • Online Crash Course/Study Material