Boy and Body

Boy, wait, your body, how have you waited for it to lead you into the light? How have you crippled your legs to reign on the wheels of failure? Boy, remember your body; it is not a tour guide, you, you are a fire, burn don’t stay away from water.

How is it that you have etched on your skin the memories of land you have not stepped? How the singsongs of infants have become your lamentation as the plague hits the coast. Have you forgotten cleansing your body in the thought that enkindle your fire? Your way to the grave.

Wait, have you opened your eyes and still see nothing? Perhaps everything is fear. Your body, have you taken it back in light to its place? Your skin remembers its burial. How it was shipped into a shame you never knew. Your body, is it a confluence of time?

Boy, remember your flesh will take over from your skin.
Everything that stands there will point you into eradicating your own walls. Remember your safety will not matter after the rain. Where are you? Boy, are you in the flesh now? How have you embraced the strength of the flesh with so much admiralty? Can you remember your first steps? How you leaped and giggled; now they are metamorphosing into flames.

Your body is all you have, a manifestation of the life you dread to acknowledge. Today, as your body erupts, remember the days you never lived will hunt you. When they do, your arsenals will be empty. Long live the war and ever it shall be.

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