The Coronation: an interdisciplinary performance.

The coronation is an interdisciplinary live session to be performed on the 5th of April, 2019 at the Love Garden (Gamaliel Onosode Park), University of Ibadan. The performance is an on-site creation with no template, as so, the artist have no frame to work around except for their mode of creation. The music will be on to create a mood and atmosphere for the writer and painter. This event is organised to expose campus artist to the possibility of interdisciplinary relationship and engagements.



The Performing artist includes KingDavid, an Ibadan based musician and songwriter formerly know as Tegasjourney. KingDavid is an alternative artist with distinct skills in storytelling, acoustic instruments, and painting. He has been on a journey of providing good music to people in alternative spaces like Malls, Meeting and as well performs at concerts, festivals. He has written over 50 songs for personal recording and commercially, recorded a little resulting from his mobility while still Tegasjourney.


Ayetouma Silas is a self-taught painter based in Ibadan. Silas experiments with means and mode of painting and this lead to the varying result but the constant is that these works are fascinating and intriguing. Having briefly accustomed himself with the formality of painting at Paddy Arts, he retired into his designed space and module for his painting. Presently, is works are to study, enjoy and observe but a very keen buyer might be lucky to convince him.


The third performing artist is James Not’in, a writer and experimental artist based in Ibadan but live wherever time wants him. His works are quite exceptional in its formal and styles as they are voices saved in the correlation of alphabets, body composition and new media arts. His works are next to surrealist works as he was interested in surrealism for a while but his work are not surrealist piece and shouldn’t be fully seen as one.

Event Plan

The performance is schedule to open at 18:30 hrs i.e 06:30 pm at the love garden and will start at 19:00 hrs i.e 07:00 pm. the three performers will be performing simultaneously for 60 minutes.

The event is organised by Eclipse Community and is so far supported by Thursday Film Series UI