Eclipse Community

What is Eclipse Community?

Formed in 2015 by Richard Kayode James a Nigerian and
Tatenda Gatsi an Ugandian, the Eclipse community is a literary community
created for the purpose of enshrining the creative art in African countries.
The community has its members flagging in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda.

Why was it formed?

Literary organizations are not wanting in the African society but most often, these societies focused more on celebrating the success of creative art and artist investing just little in exploring and improving the existing and nonexistent forms and style of the process of creating Art. The Eclipse Community place it on itself to engage in collaborating with emerging artist and art form for the purpose of creating fresh alternatives to the banality that has since dominated the art sphere.

With the aim of creating positive alternatives to existing
truth, the community explores ideas and dogmas provocative events, creative art
and art forms for the sole aim of achieving its interest in vitality and newness
in art forms and styles.

The community explore the innings of power and classes in
the Creative Art and its effect on Creative Artist providing a leveraging state
for equal relation. The community focuses on exploring unconventionality in
forms and style of creating and exporting Arts for the individual and society.

The community focuses on collaborating with the young artist for
the purpose of creating a supportive and independent environment for artist and
new art forms to be birthed.

What has it done?

Over the years of its existence, the Community has
positively invested itself in according spaces to artists for the purpose of
creating and exhibiting new forms and ideas to society. The community most
functional in Nigeria has over the years become very influential in the reemergence
of arts, unconventional arts and renewed cultural identity within the campus
off Ibadan where its activities are mostly hosted and beyond.

The Community through it workshop, discussion and events
have been able not only in exposing new forms to the young artist but it has become
a ground for the reemergence and meetings of artist providing enough support
for individuals to grow. The online website Tantdile is an initiative of the
Community, it was created to provide a space for the exhibition of a provocative

The Community collaborates with individual artist and groups
to provide spaces for meetings, discussion and productions of Creative arts.

Where is the peak?

The interest of the community is to be a focal centre for
the emergence of new forms and positive yielding thoughts and idea for the
betterment of the human society. This being the sole aim, the community
collaborates with organizations and individuals to creates an avenue needed for
the formation and growth of such forms and thought.


The Eclipse community is reachable via email at

+234 0 708 888 8607

To get information about the events and activities of the community, send mail to