Elections and the Electing 2019 Nigeria general election

God, where do I place your bribe and offerings? I have failed to show before you, but my sheep and pig should do well in representing me. The pastor said my name had assigned to the devil, I can not buy it back with these?

Dear god, let my body not be spread on the opened road our politicians failed to perfect. On the day my death awaits me; let my body resist the temptations to board the airline older than my country. Father for once, you will let my children not enjoy silence over the protest.

Heavenly Father, I bring my child unborn and might remain unborn to you, give them tongues for constructive corrections, legs to walk against injustice and evil. Father in heaven, don’t be a tsar, come closer to your people, let them not wait too long for a saviour.

Oh Lord, I heard Fela music while I was praying, Oh lord, oh lord are you also corrupt? Or just too merciful, that you don’t rebuke evil at it slightest stage? If that is it, you are more like Muhammadu Buhari. Lord, Ya Allah we look up to you, should you not for once come down?

Father in heaven my mother said god is raising an army for this nation; I saw them somewhere drunk as early as the day. Are they also part of the army? Those sitting and cheering after receiving 2000 are they the army? Father in heaven, are you truly raising an army? Really?

Is Omoyele Sowore, Moghalu Kingsley, Fela Durotoye and others part of the Army? Oby Ezekwensili pulled out, good is it part of your plan? My pastor said the next level is the way, his wives said we need to be Atikulated. God is your army made of old bones?

Apostle Suleiman didn’t see who will become our president, is it that the connection for the Skype call he had with you was poor? How should it be, hope you are here on Twitter too; since you see everything? Why are you keeping us in suspense, talk to Adeboye, Kumuyi and Oyedepo

God, I am here sitting at home after a strike that has been prolonged do you think not voting will be helpful? If I vote, will it pay the fee the government failed to pay? Our Imam said we must vote, I want to vote too but only for a member of your army. Do you really have one?

I turned to my father; he was shivering the rain took our house, he said we should bother ourselves his stomach has learnt to love hunger, he said we must vote my mother object we should boycott the election. My pastor was adamant; god has a good candidate for us. I was there.

I am here wanting to decide if to vote or not, but resulting from your silence I doubt you know what to do in this situation too.

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