Habits: the recommended pills we take unconciously (human development)

Here we are, standing between heavens and everywhere, glory to Jah, the prodigal son is back at home. Noise and praise echoes in the crowd, who are we? A question asked when things are slipping so fast. Welcome and goodbye.

Hello where have you been? A question we ask when our heart long so long for something and didn’t get it. Thanks for a new soul; here we are, standing between reality and essence. Will you call me back? Answers that reassure our soul we are either alone or not.

Now we want to say sorry, our tongues are everywhere finding a fair chance with words. Sometimes we fail, like when the heavy rain harvested our plantation before their flower bloom.  Tears and scars, we look within ourselves for the light the world seeks. Sorry, it should not happen again.

More! We never want to stay without it. Like the air, we hold it close to our bones, finding in it the way back into our body. Finally a cave within our epidermis, we call it what our head cannot forget. More! We rush to it call till we no longer have a leg to move. Shadows that cannot be held to ransom. Well-done, keep it up.

Habits are recommended pills that we take unconsciously. Thanks to social relation, we don’t have to ask why patterns are recurring. Habits are like the pace of your breath, you need to keep the pace to stay alive, but you can change the pace of the heart beat if you so which. Habit is not a dogma or an infallible guide to who you are. It is meant to evolve with time. Thanks to night we can sleep.

Don’t forget to close the door and switch of the lamp. More than these, you should understand that you must close the tab of fear. As you close your eye to sleep and open your eye to the dawn of a new day, don’t make the mistake to forget keeping fear in a place where it won’t affect your daily activities. I am learning this too.

Learner! Don’t argue that you know all, saying you know is the first pointer that the historicity of your knowledge should be questioned. You know but it still takes time to embrace a new perspective. Give space to the growing learner, you were once in their state. Failure or success, it depends on your choice.

How often can one change the core of one’s philosophy? Don’t ask those questions, many have asked but understand that humans should be a reflection of the cloud. Don’t be too fixed to an idea, if it needed to be change, gradually grow into the new phase. I wish you success.

Why do you think you have failed? When does one fail? If you don’t agree that you are a failure then you haven’t failed, you have just found out what not to do in search for the real answer to your question. It might hurt, but the moment you agree within you that there is no way forward for you on a matter, I should congratulate you then that you have failed.

Do not take failure in all its being as evil or bad. Failure in itself is the door to success. The more you fail the more your chance of success increases. Knowledge and experience acquired are helpful in later engagements but you will be a fool if you failed to understand why you have failed in the previous engagements. Take time to find a recurring pattern.

We might not notice them, because they are not glazed with caramel or some other sort of honey and sugar, but know that the recurring pattern is what people refer to as your identity. You are gentle because you have over time repeated the state of being gentle. Be on the lookout for recurring patterns and take time to change that which needs to be change if you want to change any at all.

In our process of living and growing as humans, we tend to opt out and in of several things. Should we not then take time to be sure we aren’t making these changes because people are calling for them? It is essential that we make changes if people call for them; that will help us as a social being, but it is quite important that we don’t live our life based on people wishes. We can change who we are every second of a day, we still won’t satisfy everybody.

I will wish you well in the way you take but know that you are a flower, destined to grow into everything, and withering is also an essential phase of your growth. Like flowers don’t worry about the last phase, live in this moment, let the world see you live in the glory of your forming, blooming, harvesting and in the end let the world appreciate you as you wither somewhere you may or may not know.

Thank your star, thank your past, and thank everything you can thank, even the mosquito that disturbs your night. Remember nothing is worth the life you live for yourself. He said as he walks away into the timid crowd.

James Not’in is a creative artist lost in the process of
exploring existing and nonexistent forms of expressing creativity. Interested
in exploring the innings of power and class in relation to creative art and it
expression, he explore beyond his major form of expression with is textual to
other forms with includes performance. He is available on twitter @eclipsepoet

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    January 21, 2019 at 22:31

    this I quite breathtaking bro

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