Home: a say on home and borders

Now, I seat after stepping out of the bed for the third time this morning. Like I am wearing my great father’s overcoat, a home becomes a burden and again I am thrust into asking myself What is a home? Where is home?  Does home really exist? Or maybe being more specific, as an artist so I really find a home?

Now, I am walking the corners of my room, with an old note in hand, knitting my thought to a post. My mind falls to a poem I wrote earlier this year, NOWHERE IS LIKE HOME and I allow myself to closely allow my thought direct me, in the way my mind is stepping, on the issue of home.


is like home

and when you have no home

it becomes here-there.

Owing two sides of a coin

Here not at home

and when you get there

You don’t find a home.

(Eclipsepoet 2018)

I ask myself, what or where is Home for a creative? I have been asked. This time, I could not trust less the belief that home is not pilled bricks, covered with a metal sheet to prevent rain and the sun, nor is it together with people with a similar gene. At this point, Home seems to have become something that our words cannot explain. Home I now suggest is the space between “here-there.”

Home is that place, between where an artist is and where his heart long for. Since it is quite difficult to find such a place, I finally opine that for a creative, home is “STABILITY”, the place between “here-there.” But how does one find this stability?

It remains an individual quest to find that space between “here-there” because stability varies for each person. For me as a young and maybe below the middle-class artist and student, to find stability, I need to have a fixed income, and the freedom to explore my laboratory and test tube which is my body, as James Baldwin said in his creative process 1962.

The importance of home is its stability, home for a creative I opine is beyond the human relations and building, it is the stability the family and relatives are expected to offer to make it a home. Hence, nothing is much more a home than stability. I encourage everyone, who in a way feels a void within them to reach out and ask themselves, which area of their life needs to be balanced; in which area are you running faster, or slower. Getting your life rolling in a single pace, is the first step to getting a perfect home i.e. Stability.

Since a home is not the bricks and humans relations, is it then possible that one geographical location limits the extent to which one feels at home or stable? Well, to some measures yes, in case of a person who derived a lot of the positive energy he needs from nature, deforestation and similar issues could ruin the stability level of such and if the news of a place where nature is being conserved is brought to such a being, he won’t but feel any more at home where he is and already his days will be filled with fantasies of how much of a nonesuch will the other place be.

With this, I agree that it is not the body that decides where is home, instead, the mind/heart does. As we cannot tie down our minds then the mind can feel at home mile away from where the body is.

Although the mind cannot be trapped, the present location influence one’s aura slightly negatively and feeling such as fear, loneliness sometimes depression, etc. trying to find and bring the mind to the reality of being at that moment.

To find stability, it is best to understand every fragment of the society is part of a puzzle and no one is unimportant. Hence, one should not forget to look at the “simple things” as one struggle to get stability.

To be stable, one must think about the political, economical, psychological, sociological needs and having these areas well fixed is a great foundation stone for leading a stable life.

Rainer M. Rilke in his Letter to Young Poet 1903 asked, “even if you found yourself in some prison, whose walls let in none of the world’s sounds, wouldn’t you still have your childhood?”

It is this same question I asked you that if your mortal body is in a location far from where you really feel stable, will you still not live?

Ocean Vuong in Someday I’ll love Ocean Voung said you “& remember, loneliness is still time spent with the world.”

Hence, I implore you to rather engage yourself more into those activities that fuel you with more positive energy for stability. Look far away from the collapsed walls and a roofless house that is your home and take time to grow yourself into a more stable artist for only then can you really produce great works constantly.

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