Journeying in Oblivion: Poetry Performance

Journeying in Oblivion is a movement to recreate the feelings and reality of the Nigerian youth, a nation and a dream with little or no supportive condition for actualising the skills, dreams and goal of the Youth and the country.

Exploring the space of performance art, We are exploring the reality of Youth and to be specific a Nigerian youth and the struggles of surviving in the state of instability. The project is a theate performance scripting poems from young poets and writers around and in the University of Ibadan.

The performance is scheduled to occur at the University of Ibadan in the month of September, 2019 as the finale of the 3 days Literary Discussion which have been on within the University since the Year 2017.

Journeying in Oblivion is hope to give the society the look at the perspective of the youth in narrating their own ordeal in the Nigeria society. The performance as we have been receiving in previous years is supported by Prof. Remi Raji who has approved our request to script a poem from his Collection of Poetry WEB OF REMEBRANCE.

To be scripted in the performance is Chuma Nwokolos’ Oga at the Top Saying his Morning Prayers, Mc Auroras’ The Boy on the Last Bench, James Not’ins’ She Must have Forgotten.

The project is opened to writers to send in their entries and James Not’in, Marissa Obi, Dara Omotoso and few other volunteers will access the received text and select works that are in tune with the theme of the performance.

The Play will be directed by Israel Joshua, a young director who has assisted a couple of Nigeria director and filmmaker over the years. The assistant director is James Not’in, a performing artist and a poet who has worked with directors and performers of varying status.

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