Life after Wars

If one should be grateful at this period in Alepo, it will be over the past recession that saw over a million losing their jobs and hundred in thousands losing their lives. But that was all four months ago and even if the body of the dead visit Alepo in one of the evening wind the visit it, it is quite understandable that such ghosts will wonder what had changed and how great life could be again at Alepo

It was four months ago when the recession and economic depression caused by wars with a neighbouring country that the Alepo finance department announces that recession is off and the economy now is doing great, but unlike similar announcements in neighbouring states, one could see the testimony on the streets.

During the war, at a round number, about twenty thousand people died, but the economic crisis that follows claim two times more than the war. Just a few houses never buried at last one member. But with the war and economic crisis gone, Lugi could in 2 months earn enough to buy a new surfing board at one of the newest stores specialized in importation. These stores opened after the war and it was said that they had help Alepo with its current economic state.

Evening fell too quick and Lugi returned home to his mother. The two leftovers of a family of six now live in a shark close to a beach and ever since their relocation, surfing on that beach had been the first on Lugi’s needs. If the war and recession had dealt with any family, Lugi’s family would have been on the top ten. After the second year of the war, Lugi Father was drafted into the army, and he never came back, although his friends that came back with one hand, 

leg or eye said he struggled to live and only fail after ending over ninety lives. Lugi brother who was also drafted into the army died in their mother’s arm from a wound he suffered at the war and the two young sisters went to the market and never came back. One was found raped and murdered while the other never came back home. With similar happenings in Alepo, there was no doubt that she was on one of the ships that left shore and when she steps on sand again, she will be a prostitute.

Preparing food demanded much attention, and Lugi won’t wait till he is done eating before trying his board out. He hurried out and joined the other boys with their surfboard. Lugi started surfing at three and only stop during the war like many other kids. With the war over and a new board, Lugi was far off sight and was enjoying himself until the wave became furious. The best option was to make it back to land safely and he immediately set to return. Maybe the waters are now at war when the war is over; the bullets of the wave hit Lugi’s board and his new board were giving room to water. Someone had complained that the new store’s products are sub-standard, and that was it, it ends at the complaint. 

Lugi had struggled with the spoilt board and the wave and was just a few meters away from land when another wave tripped him and he fell. It took a while and another wave washed Lugi’s body to the shore, dead. His mother had just come out to call him to come in to eat before it is cold.

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