Reformation and Revolting by James Not’in

Maybe I should say, the presence of evil highlights the importance and role of good. And as since been discussed, nothing good is free of evil and vice versa. To an extremist perspective, I believe the presence of evil in a bad cause is what makes and keep a cause good, and the moment the chairs of a good cause take the step totally eliminate the iota of evil in their cause, in unprecedented ways, such cause revolt against the pillars of its formation. I believe this is perfect and will fit so well when we talk about issues relating to politics, culture, and society.

I am taking the post to travel the heart of a reformation group and to what extent should we be open to them? Do we need them at all? And is it possible to have a perfect group? I guess one of the main quotes that I came across quite early in life was “Evil succeeds where good men do nothing.” These words as true as they are, I believe are the main reason reformations group and parties erupting. It is true that the current system, society, religion, etc. are not working well could be changed, but what if we ask, Why should the present system change?

To answer questions as this, it is no doubt that personal perspective guide one’s judgments, and since no perspective is wrong, at least modernism which I love teaches us that, does that mean does that mean if I profess that a system is wrong it is wrong and if you say it is right it is right? I will say, individually your perspective needs no validation from an external body, but in societal issues like the political system, education, medicine, religion etc we cannot afford to allow individuality to determine how we manage a society.

Take it as it is Nigeria, an oil producing company and electricity generator and “cheerful” giver to neighbouring countries still cannot manage to give its citizens stable electricity. If you ask me why it is like this, I will ask you, if there is stable electricity, how does a man who owns Petrol station makes money if you don’t fuel a generator which you have to buy and which must have been imported through the sea using the logistics service of someone. Hence, since the people in power, most times are the one who benefits and have a lot of influence in societal structures, either economic, political or social system of the society, they definitely will see nothing wrong with the system which a man who struggles to feed his family, wait days if not week for electricity is complaining and gathering people to tear down.

I believe that it is only when one or a group feels at disadvantage with a system or structure that they push to get a new one, as this means the proposed new system is meant to protect the interest of the reformist while taking away most (if not all) privileges of the old systems. From the onset, our new structure already creates for itself an opposition which it cannot afford for the old structure will be keen on tearing it down.

Since our new groups are formed as a rebel to an existing structure or system, the eradication of the old system will be one of the paramount things in the agenda of the new structure and these most times are done at the expense of being true to the cause of the creation of a new group. It is impossible and will remain impossible to have a system that satisfies every member of its society. And no matter how much we try to bury the “red“ books (I mean opposite ideologies.) we cannot remove them from the thought of humans so at some point the new group or its member will themselves at a point where a new group is knocking the door to outposts them.

I will say it is impossible to have a society that favour everybody since equity is not equality and equality also cannot be qualified as equity, hence the cause for new reformation groups is the war that has been fought before and the result will be almost the same as the old wars. Although there is a chance which I believe could be essential to having a society that is perfect, and such a society will be one formed and created through Political defiance because this is more effective in changing society because it is the real democracy. As much as this seems to be a way to hide, I will not say I agree with myself that a society formed out of political defiance is a perfect solution, because this state of perfection can only be kept for a little period of time before it starts to decay.

It is impossible to have a perfect and balanced society, but I believe it is worth it to struggle to have one even for the little time it can last. And if we can keep in check the old structure and allows it to question and criticize our actions, maybe we as a new system can last longer in the perfect state.

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