thank god for life by Grey

(for Genius)

once upon a time there was nowhere to put all my love // so I kept it locked in my body // a viscid serum that stuck to everything and messed up my emotions  //  it weighed so heavy on my heart // I knew too well all the ways to say lonely // sometimes it leaked through my pores // I suppose you could call it osmosis // a wretched move // it should have known to stay at home // there is no point in an adventure // what a silly thing // to leap from a roof and call it living // so fatal so human // it will not cure the illness in your soul // it will not steep your life in meaning // it can only leave you crippled // wrecked

well that was before you came // I cannot say I have remained the same person //  generally, I think I am much happier now // I can tell because I am writing fiction again // which means there is a new flourishing of my imagination // which means I have felt the pulse of life beneath my fingers // which means I have danced naked before a mirror // which means sometimes when I walk there is a giddy bounce in my gait // yes I think I am much happier now that you are here // which is what I have been trying to say // a little prayer for everything that has gone right // like thank the stars for today // thank your mother for the labor // thank god for life // and thank you for living

Bio: Grey is a youngish person with all the mushiness of a grandmother (as you can tell from that smile). They are trying not to lose their mind in these Corona times. 

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  1. keep me anon.
    April 4, 2020 at 15:08


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